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Popularity Prediction

Our platform allows you to easily upload up to 3 images per prediction, with powerful scoring and sorting capabilities. You can even view your last 20 images' scores and sorting, and query your entire image history. With a maximum image size of 9MB and 50MB of storage, Pixeligr has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and start making the most of your images!

Artificial Intelligence

Get ready to experience the power of cutting-edge technology with Pixeligr! Our platform utilizes advanced artificial intelligence and computational models based on deep neural networks, optimizing for ranking consistency with millions of popularity-discriminable image pairs. With Pixeligr, you can trust that your image predictions are backed by the latest and most sophisticated technology available. Don't settle for anything less - sign up now and discover the full potential of AI-powered image analysis!

Ranking & Scoring

Discover the true potential of your images with Pixeligr's state-of-the-art ranking and scoring system! Our platform can accurately rank multiple images based on their popularity score, as provided by our cutting-edge AI model. With Pixeligr, you can easily identify which of your images have the greatest potential for virality and engagement, allowing you to take your social media game to the next level. Don't settle for guesswork - sign up for Pixeligr today and unlock the full power of image ranking and scoring!

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Welcome to Pixeligr, the professional SaaS platform where you'll find only the most interesting and engaging content. We're committed to delivering the best SaaS experience with a focus on reliability and the ability to predict the potential of your social media images going viral on the internet. Our passion for SaaS has inspired us to create an innovative and thriving online website. We hope you enjoy using our SaaS platform as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.

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  • Upload 3 Images per Prediction.
  • Images Scoring and Sorting
  • Up to 20 Last Images Scoring and Sorting.
  • Query all Images History.
  • 9MB max Image size.
  • 50 Mb Storage.